DA14583 get the name of connected device?

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eslam snono
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DA14583 get the name of connected device?

Hello Dialog,

I have DA14583 and i need to get the name of the connected device.

i didn't find any info about BLE, so any help please.

thanks in advance

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Hi eslam snono,

Hi eslam snono,

Thanks for your question. Is the DA14583 acting as a Peripheral, or as a Central?

Is there any specific reason why you are using the DA14583?

If you are starting a new design / project, we would strongly recommend to start with DA14531 or DA14585/586 products and our latest SDK6.0.14, as it is much more improved. We have a lot of code examples and improved documentation, and there is also software roadmap support. There is no software roadmap support for DA14580 product family and SDK5.

Please check out DA14531:


We also have a DA14531 module, namely DA14531 SmartBond TINY™ Module! It has very small dimensions and is very low power. Follow the link below to find datasheet, documentation and HW collaterals for the module:


There also reference designs that you will help you to reduce the developing stage, as you don’t need to spend so much time in developing your application code.





The CodeLess allows you to quickly get started with wireless IoT applications with a set of AT Commands.  The CodeLess AT commands platform allows control over a local UART connected device as well as a remote device via BLE. You can create simple demos / applications / proof of concepts without any code development or build you own application on top!


Dialog Serial Port Service (DSPS)

The DSPS emulates a serial cable communication. It provides a simple substitute for RS-232 connections, including the familiar software flow control logic via Bluetooth low energy. The SPS software distribution includes the application and profile source codes and supports GAP Central/Peripheral roles.


Thanks, PM_Dialog