DA14585 burning problem

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DA14585 burning problem
  • I met some problems in the production process, and I hope you can answer them?

1: If I choose the external W25X20CL Flash boot, can I directly use the SPI burner to burn the BIN program directly to Flash? Can I use it?

2: How to use SmartSnippets Toolbox v5.0.14 to burn BD address to OTP?

3: Is setting unique address in the production process only the method in the second question?


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Hi yekun,

Hi yekun,

Thanks for your questions online.

  1. Please check\utilities\flash_programmer and you will find that the W25X20CL SPI Flash is supported – see spi_flash.h header file. According to DA14585 Datasheet and table 20, the DA14535 boots from specific pins. In which pins the flash is connected to the DA14585? You can use the Flash programmer from the SmartSnippets Toolbox (SST) but first make sure that you are using the correct pins in the “Board Setup” – see the user manual : http://lpccs-docs.dialog-semiconductor.com/UM-B-083/tools/Board_Setup.html
  1. The BD address can be programmed in the OTP Header.  Please use the SST, connect and read the OTP Header and you will find the “Bluetooth Device Address” field. See also the user guide : http://lpccs-docs.dialog-semiconductor.com/UM-B-083/tools/otpProgrammer.html
  1. For mass production, our Production Line Tool (PLT) can be also used to burn the OTP Header with a specific BD address.

The (PLT) helps to increase throughput in volume test & programming of units. See some features below :

Ease of integration: DLL based commands

  • Flexibility in programming OTP/Flash/EEPROM
  • Low overall cost of tester equipment
  • High level of parallelization and short testing time.
  • Up to 16 times parallel programming and test

See more details here : https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/production-line-tool

Thanks, PM_Dialog