DA14585 Power consumption problem

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DA14585 Power consumption problem

I have a few questions about external FLASH:

1、I want to use DA14585 to boot from external FLASH. What should I do to reduce the current?

2、I bought DA14585 development board here. How should I measure the current of W25x20CL and DA14585?

3、If I need a SUTA upgrade, should I only be able to use external SPI FLASH because OTP can only burn once?

Thanks .

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Hi yekun,

Hi yekun,

  1. Please see Figure 12: BootROM Sequence in the DA14585 datasheet. When booting from an external Flash, the code will be copied to the System-RAM, the BootROM code will re-map it to address 0x00, a SW reset will take place an then the device boots. In order to reduce the power consumption, you could power-down your flash. For this scope, the appropriate power-down command should be sent to the flash and when is going to be used, you should release from power-down mode. Please check spi_flash_power_down() and spi_flash_release_from_power_down() APIs from the SDK.
  2. You can use the Power Profiler from the SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.14 for Windows OS . Read section 11from the UM-B-083 SmartSnippets Toolbox User Manual (HTML) user manual. In case you want to measure the sleep current, you can also follow the Tutorial 4: Sleep modes current measurement tutorial.
  3. I would recommend first checking the BLE SUOTA Update on DA14585/DA14586 and DA14531 Devices . No need to burn the OTP – you should just place the secondary boot loaded, the 2 images and the product header in the flash.

Thanks, PM_Dialog