DA14681 issue with SUOTA update when timer0 set at 20Khz?

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DA14681 issue with SUOTA update when timer0 set at 20Khz?

I m working on a custom board based on DA14681 and recently i came to an issue that suota update stucks when i set timer0 at 20Khz.  At 1Khz timer0, suota update works fine.

When i debug this issue, debugger omegle xender halts at a random location everytime. Dont know what is the problem?

Is there a work-around for this?

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Hi There,

Hi There,

Could you please let me know if you can replicate this behavior in a non-SUOTA project? For example, use the pxp_reporter example of the SDK, set-up the timer and run it debug mode. Does the code run properly, or halts into an assertion, NMI etc. ?

Regarding the SUOTA, what is the mobile application that you are using? Is it the Dialog SUOTA application?

So, before updating the image over the air, does the device boots with the current image? If yes, the SUOTA procedure starting and halts before updating the while image?

Please make sure that you are using the proper SUOTA partitioning.

Can you also provide a BLE sniffer log, so that we can understand what is happening over the air?

PS: Changing the device selection on your initial post from DA14580 to DA1468x.

Thanks, PM_Dialog