DA14681 SOC, power circuit fails?

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DA14681 SOC, power circuit fails?

Hi dialog

we are working on a custom board based on DA14681. Actually our product is old and is been in the market for over 2 years. But recently we have faced an issue that some of our boards that were ccompleted and tested by the production team. After around 2 years we have tested them and they are not working.

Obviously the first culprit is the battery. Then we removed old battery and plugged in the fresh one. Still board was not responding. Then we checked the powers and there no power on V33, VDD1V8, VDD1V8P V12 and V14. This is alarming as these powers are independent of the code running inside SOC. As soon as VBAT is connected, these power comes.

We dont know the reason of this failure of DA14681's power. This has happened on multiple boards. Also we are using DA14681's internal charger to charge the battery. Can you please tell us, what can be the probable cause of this failure?

Cz we are in production of alot of new boards and if this is some hardware issue then we need to stop the factory production asap.

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Hi mahmed106,

Hi mahmed106,

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