DA1468x Extended Sleep - UART_RX_CIRCULAR_DMA

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DA1468x Extended Sleep - UART_RX_CIRCULAR_DMA



DA1468x / latest BSP.


I am facing a bug while putting my system into extended sleep.

The function ad_uart_read, if called at the same moment than the system is switched to extended_sleep mode, sends the entire circular buffer. After wake-up new calls to ad_uart_read does not succeed and return no chars while they can be seen on the hardware bus.


I tried to switch back to SOFTWARE FIFO using the exact same code and the behavior is OK.


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Hi bobspam@free.fr,

Hi bobspam@free.fr,

All the adapters are tested. I would suggest you to take a look at DA1469x Tutorial I2C Adapter Concepts in order to understand basic understanding of adapters concept. You will find detailed descriptions for the APIs a complete sample project demonstrating the usage of I2C peripheral adapters

Thanks, PM_Dialog