DA1468x low power mode

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DA1468x low power mode

Hello Dialog Team

I am working on pxp_reporter example and write application for some sensors and put the device in extended sleep mode. When device enter in sleep mode after 8 seconds device consume low power. Device wakeup on timer interrupt and read sensors data and record in flash. So, when timer trigger device wakeup but it get stuck somewhere.
After debugging I came to know the SPI handle (SPI open) value get changed in wakeup mode also changed variable values etc. I have enabled RAM RETANTION and configure GPIO in priph_int function in main.c file.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Hi Jitendraprasad,

Hi Jitendraprasad,

Could you please attach the debugger and clarify where it gets stack? Also, I strongly recommend you to check the External Interruption Tutorial from our support page. I you follow the steps that are described in this tutorial, you will be able to have an external interrupt generated from the wake-up timer. Please, follow the link below:



Thanks, PM_Dialog