Dialog serial port service source code not working

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Dialog serial port service source code not working

Good morning

me and a colleague of mine are trying to create a project that can send a stream of data by ble, so we thouth to use as a base one of your codes.

We downloaded form this page "https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/dialog-serial-port-service-dsps" both the "DA1468x Dialog Serial Port Service Source Code" (we are using the DA14681 board) and the "Dialog DSPS - Source Code - Android". We then tried to have the program do an echo of the data sent from the android app to the app itself, but UART2 intercept the data and send them to the terminal, and not to the android app.

What can we do to make the source code do an echo, since we see that it is alredy implemented, but we aren't able to make it work?

Thank you

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Hi MassimoDeFacci,

Hi MassimoDeFacci,

Do you have a custom board, or you are using any of our development kits? Please read section 7 DSPS Demonstration Setups from the UM-B-084 : User Manual for Dialog Serial Port Profile (DA1468x) document. Can you please make sure that you have the same UART setup? Keep in mind that you need Full UART setup (URX/UTX/RTS/CTS). Otherwise the chip will not be able to wake up from sleep.

Also, can you please indicate if your code is running correctly? Are you able to detect  it in a BLE mobile application? I assume that you are running the ble_sps_peripheral project as you are using the mobile phone a master

No need to download the Android DSPS source code. The application is on  Playstore – you can download it.

Thanks, PM_Dialog