Difference between write and write no response

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Difference between write and write no response

hi Dialog,

    I am curious about the response handling for the two cases "GATT_PROP_WRITE" and "GATT_PROP_WRITE_NO_RESP".  They both seem to use ble_gatts_write_cfm() to response the write request according to the desciption of ble_gatts_write_cfm().  I think the case of "GATT_PROP_WRITE_NO_RESP" should not use ble_gatts_write_cfm() to do a response to client, does it? Or "GATT_PROP_WRITE" should use ble_gatts_write_cfm() twice, and "GATT_PROP_WRITE" just use one. How to handle "with response"  and "without response" in coding? 

 thanks for your help. 


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Hi nigelyang,

Hi nigelyang,


You are right,

server don't have to pespond to the client when it received a gatt_write_no_rsp event. 

But for gatt_write event, the response is needed, so that you should call the ble_gatts_write_cfm() function to do so.