Download a configuration file

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Download a configuration file


Currently, i use a STM32F4 to pilot the DA14531, the DA14531 is working on advertising to send informations to a smartphone or another embedded board.

Everithing is ok,  but i need to download from the smartphone a small configuration file (1k) to the DA14531 and after between the DA14531 to my STM32F4 via serial port.

Between the SMT32F4 and DA14531, no problem, i have already a lot of dialog, but between the DA14531 and smartphone, i have some dialog with the gatt profile , but i can send only 20 bytes, what's the best solution to send a file (1k or 2k bytes) ?

I don't find any profile to do it ?

If somebody have a sample, it'll be great.




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Hi pchignon,

Hi pchignon,

Thanks for your question online and for your interest in our DA14531 BLE solution. I would suggest to take a look at the Dialog Serial Port Service (DSPS).

The DSPS emulates a serial cable communication. It provides a simple substitute for RS-232 connections, including the familiar software flow control logic via Bluetooth low energy. The SPS software distribution includes the application and profile source codes and supports GAP Central/Peripheral roles.

For transferring a file from your mobile phone to the DA14531, you could use the Dialog DSPS - Source Code - Android application. There is a version for iOS too - Dialog DSPS - Source Code - iOS. Both source codes are available in case you need to develop you own application. 

Thanks, PM_Dialog