Easy to Use, But How?

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Easy to Use, But How?


Hi Dialog,

I want to use DA14531 BLE Module.

BLE Module work with mobile phone. Just do data transfer between. 

I used Codeless and DSPS SDK. I readed about documents. I have an example SDK. I can connect to Da14531 module with Smart ConsoleApp. And I send data AT+MEM related cell. 

I want to use simple application, data transfer via Da1451. I have to create my mobile application. Is it simple Right?

Is it possible to transmit data without using at commands? Could  you explain or what is the easy to way, How can I do that?

I don't have enough time for research.  

Best Regards.


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Hi vipre,

Hi vipre,

In case of the CodeLess you should use the binary mode – I have replied you in the following forum thread:


In case of DSPS, you should have same configuration as in Figure 30: J1 jumpers setup for the DA14531 TINY™ Module from the user guide.

The you can use the DSPS mobile application, open a serial terminal and send your data. What is your issue with the DSPS? Could you please provide more inputs?

Thanks, PM_Dialog