Flash Programming of DA14531 Module

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Flash Programming of DA14531 Module

Dear PM_Dialog,

We have just received the first 10 pieces of DA14531 SmartBond TINY Modules.

We already have the DA14531 Development Kit-Pro together with: DA14531 MOD module development daughter board. On this daughter board there is already one SmartBond TINY module soldered. The SmartBond-Flash Programmer works fine to download code into the module's flash.

Now, the question is: how to program the individual TINY modules? How to attach a separate module to the dev-kit?

It would be rather risky to de-solder the originnal module and always solder a new one.

Which document describes programming stand alone modules?

Thank you in advance.

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I just got this working today

I just got this working today with the same setup that you have. Now I can run the codeless firmware on my DA14531MOD. The connections I made from the module to the motherboard are stated below. Also see PDF attachment for pictures. Make sure there are no daughterboards connected in the card slot.

J3 = GND

J5 = UTX

J7 = V3



J12 = RST

J14 = URX

I can run the firmware from RAM, and I can also program the flash and run it from there using the SmartSnippets tool. I did encounter a couple of flash write errors (failed verification step), but I retried flashing and then it worked. I think this was due to SI issues from my long fly wires (8 cm long).

Good luck,



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Hi Chris,

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much Chris, this is exactly the information that I needed. I shall implement it right now...

Have a nice day,


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Hi Chris, thanks for your

Hi Chris, thanks for your comment.

Hi janosN, In addition to Chris comments, I would also recommend check the following document :


Thanks, PM_Dialog