how to make a noise with loudspeaker

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how to make a noise with loudspeaker

hi everybody. i'm still a newbie in this project. i want to make my da14580-dev kit B play a sound using a speaker or buzzer. anyone can help me?

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Hi Kevleo94,

Hi Kevleo94,

Please provide more information for the actual use case, the DA 14580 can handle basics issues related to the audio. For example you can produce a tone through timers (check the datasheet about DA14580 from Documents tab in Datasheet section).There are other options as the RCU in DA14585(in Reference Design section), it depends on what you want to implement.


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You could connect a piezo

You could connect a piezo buzzer directly between pin P0_2 and P0_3 and and run the SDK example \\DA1458x_SDK\5.0.4\projects\target_apps\peripheral_examples\timer0\timer0_pwm. This will play a series of tones.