How to reduce the space occupied by sdk6

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How to reduce the space occupied by sdk6

When we used da14585 to develop, we encountered the problem of insufficient chip resources (RAM). Is there some way to reduce the space occupied by sdk6 itself in order to accommodate more of essay writer my user programs?
In addition, I feel that the space (RAM) occupied by sdk6 in demo empty_peripheral_template is more than the resource (RAM) occupied by sdk5, right?

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Hi LennoxConner,

Hi LennoxConner,

Thanks for your question. The DA14585 includes 96K System-RAM, so how much it the size of your application image that cannot fit?

The SDK6 is supported as provided by Dialog and is optimized. If you would like to reduce the SDK space, you might check the map file, find which functions are not used and remove them from the SDK. For example, you might remove the DLE if isn’t used in your application. So, you can understand that you should do many SDK modifications and is strongly NOT recommended. Usually the compiler removes the “unused” functions. This is a possible workaround, so we cannot provide any support on the “modified” SDK.

My recommendation would be to try to optimize your application code rather that modifying the SDK.

Can I ask what kind of application you are trying to develop?

Regarding the comparison between SDK6 and SDK5, I assume yes, it is right, but the DA14580 has 42 kB System System-RAM!

P.S. : Changing the device selection from DA14580 to DA14585 in your initial post.

Thanks, PM_Dialog