how to speed up booting from reset

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how to speed up booting from reset

Dear Dialogue support,

We are exploring ways to boot up DA14580 quicker.

Our board normally stays in deep sleep mode, external interrupts triggers a reset so that the board can reboot. It then do the OPT mirror (boot loader), then the boot-loader loads the firmware from the flash into the RAM and then start the f/w booting.

In AN-B-011, it mentioned 5 Improvement proposals:
To further optimise the time elapsed from power-up to advertising, the following amendments may be
● Use a different exchange memory configuration (see GP_CONTROL_REG[EM_MAP]) which results
to a smaller allocation and thus the time required for the zero initialization can be further reduced.

In the datasheet, it only briefly talks about GP_CONTROL_REG, can you please explain a bit more about
1: EM size 2 kB, SysRAM size 48 kB
2: EM size 3 kB, SysRAM size 47 kB
3: EM size 4 kB, SysRAM size 46 kB
What EM size should we choose to make boot quicker? We do need 48KB sysRAM.

● Do not initialise the whole memory to zero but only the section of the variables, to reduce time.
Can you please advise how to implement it? Any additional info/doc on this?

Is there anything we can skip so that the booting can be quicker?


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Hi uta_lc,

Hi uta_lc,

There is a 100ms delay in the ROM based bootloader of the DA14580, in addition it takes time to mirror (copy) code from external serial flash into internal RAM - these two operations take the most amount of time at boot up.

Take a look at the following for some ideas regaridng how to recude the boot time on the DA14585 (many of which are applicable to the DA14580):

Best regards