Load code from external MCU to DA14531

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Load code from external MCU to DA14531


Our use case is to load application code on to the DA14531 from external MCU each time the device is powered up. 

I have followed all the steps as shown in the Datasheet and the application note AN-B-072 but i'm not able to boot the device via SPI, the slave doesn't respond with the ack byte after the transmission of the premable data bytes. I know that posting waveforms with such queries is quite helpful in debugging the problem but each time I probe the pins to my CRO I get a very noisy signal. Is there any specific time that I should send the data? I have currently connected the 3v3 pin of the DA14531 to a GPIO and controlling the power going to it.

On power on of the DA14531, I have put up a delay of 20ms as shown in the application note AN-B-072 and then sending the preamble bytes after which I am continously listening on the MISO line to get the ACK data. Please help me solve this issue asap.

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Hi _asmaitha,

Hi _asmaitha,

Thanks for your question online and for your interest in our TINY module solution.

Does the DA14531MOD acts as an SPI Master or SPI Slave?

Would it be possible to use a logic analyzer, probe the SPI lines and share a screenshot when the device boots?

Thanks, PM_Dialog