magnetometer calibration modes

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magnetometer calibration modes

Hi Dialog support,

We are trying to calibrate (the magnetometer of) a DA14858 via the Dialog IoT Sensors app. There are several options to choose from:
- static,
- continuous auto,
- continuous auto (smart fusion),
- one-shot auto,
- one-shot auto (smart fusion)

I have two questions:
1. Can you point me to the document which explains the different types of (magnetometer) calibration? (or explain them here?)
2. Are calibration parameters for static calibration, one-shot auto (and one-shot auto (smart fusion)) saved internally? (they appear to get lost if e.g. a smart phone is put too close to the device).

Thank you

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Hi gme_johannes,

Hi gme_johannes,

Thanks for your question online. Please take a look at UM-B-100: DA14585 IoT Multi Sensor Development Kit User Guide . I would recommend checking sections 4.3.4 Magnetometer Calibration Settings Screen and 4.3.5 Magnetometer Auto-Calibration Procedure in order to calibrate the magnetometer. The coefficients can then be stored in Flash memory for subsequent initialization of the calibration algorithm.

You can also check UM-B-101: DA14585 IoT Multi Sensor Development Kit Developer Guide document.

All the above documentation is available on the DA14585 IoT Multi-Sensor product page.

Thanks, PM_Dialog