The Newsletter mentions CMSIS packs. Where can I find them?

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The Newsletter mentions CMSIS packs. Where can I find them?

In this month's version of the SmartBond Newsletter (Issue #15), it says:

CMSIS device packages for the DA1458x and DA1468x families are now available for Eclipse, IAR Embedded workbench and Keil MDK. The packages contain device-specific startup source files, including register definitions, SVD files for debug support and datasheets. New components, such as examples, drivers and RTOS, will be added in the coming months and the upcoming DA1469x family will also be supported upon release.

(emphasis mine)

But the link simply directs to a generic CMSIS info page at

Where can I find information about these CMSIS packages? Specifically for the DA14580 to use with Eclipse?

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When using the Smart Snippets

When using the Smart Snippets studio 2.05 and up the CMSIS package extension is preinstalled.
With that package you will be able to download the dialog specific packages.
If you are using a standalone version of eclipse you should add the package handler extension.

More info on the usage of package in eclipse can be found on