Pairing fails after changing device BD address

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Pairing fails after changing device BD address


if BD device address is set in runtime using this code, the SMP won't be able to generate proper values for pairing procesure.

If USER_CFG_FEAT_SEC_REQ is set to GAP_SEC1_AUTH_PAIR_ENC, the pairing fails with:
> Authentication failed with status BLE_GAP_SEC_STATUS_CONFIRM_VALUE

If USER_CFG_FEAT_SEC_REQ is set to GAP_SEC1_SEC_PAIR_ENC, the pairing fails with:
> Authentication failed with status BLE_GAP_SEC_STATUS_DHKEY_FAILURE

How to properly set device address in runtime so that it would also be used by SMP? I feel like I'm missing some adittional call for applying new address in SMP.

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Hi Bojan,

Hi Bojan,

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