port 0 pin 0 blinks if da583 is not programmed correctly

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port 0 pin 0 blinks if da583 is not programmed correctly

Hi Dialog,
We have developed a custom board using Da14583 for our application in which PortO pinO is connected to a Led. We are using dual image firmware, wherein advance bootloader along with both images is stored in SPI flash.There is no such line in firmware to make the led to blink. It blinks sometimes when uart programming via P0_2 P0_3 does not succeed and we need to reprogram the chip.What may be the reason for the led to blink?
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Hi dhirajp15,

Hi dhirajp15,

When you mention advanced bootloader, i suppose that you mean the secondary bootloader. Although i dont fully understand what exactly you are doing, (having the SPI allready burned you try to download fw into the 583 ?). The procedure that its been followed when the 583 boots up is located in the UM-B-012_DA14580_581_583 Creation of a secondary bootloader, so perhaps what you see with the led blinking might has something to do with the sequential scanning of bootloader burned into the 583 (UART scanning and then checks the internal flash). Although *** is the UART TX pin of the 583 i find it quite unlikely that the bytes send over that line are able to drive the line high in order to light up a led long enough for you to see it.

Thanks MT_dialog