Problem with da1468x UART pin connection

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Problem with da1468x UART pin connection

Hello Dialog,
I have a da14681 development kit basic board and i have programmed PXP_Reporter demo code into board. when i connect UART RX pin (P2_3) to TX pin of USB2Serial Module, the BLE part of the code crashes in 8 seconds after the reset. i disabled the sleep mode with this code (pm_set_sleep_mode(pm_mode_active);) and also disconnected the j13 jumpers but there was no any changes. do you know what is the problem?
thanks ...

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Hi raiwan,

Hi raiwan,

Could you please check the voltage operation of the USB2Serial Module? It should be 3Volt and not 5Volt, because the maximum recommended voltage that you can feed the GPIO pads is 3.3Volt.

Thanks, PM_Dialog