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Question about service

Hi Dialog

We want to make a BLE devices, the hardware part is ready. We need to know the power of the device.
Also need a key to generate an alarm signal and Capture data from two sensors.We need to send these
three signals to the phone.

I need to know how many service do we need to create? Please give us some advice and reference materials!
Look forward to your favourable reply!

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how to change pwm duty cycle

how to change pwm duty cycle

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Hi lewuyouc,

Hi lewuyouc,

Could you please clarify what you mean with the "power of the device"? Do you mean the power consumption of the DA14580? If yes, the power consumption in extended sleep mode is around at 1,4μA and in deep sleep mode is around at 800nA. If you don't mean that, please try to be more specific. The number and the type of the profiles/services/characteristic depends on the application you want to develop, and this is up to you! I would strongly recommend you to have a look some of the BLE example of our latest SDK under DA1458x_SDK\5.0.4\projects\target_apps\ble_examples SDK path.  Also you could find very useful and helpful documentation and tutorial in our Bluetooth Low Energy support portal od DA14580:

Thanks, PM_Dialog