Relocate flash data from one partition to another.

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Relocate flash data from one partition to another.

hi Dialog,

    If I want to move a section data from one partition to another partition in flash, is there any more effective way to do that ? if using the funstions in ad_nvms.c, I have to open one partittion and read in ram buffer, then open another one and write from ram buffer. It seems not straightforward.   I believe that it is smiliar with suota case, move data from NVMS_FW_UPDATE_PART partition to NVMS_FW_EXEC_PART partition.

 thanks for your help.

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Hi nigelyang,

Hi nigelyang,

We strongly recommend the usage of the adapters for accessing hardware peripherals because not only provide access to the peripheral, but also make sure that other tasks which are currently accessing it, suspend their operation until the peripheral is once again released. So you don't have to worry if another task tries accessing the same peripheral at the same time. Also, in sleep mode all the peripheral blocks are powered down. Please check out the Flash Adapter Concept tutorial from the DA146x product page.

Thanks, PM_Dialog