RTC - Max possible time ?

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RTC - Max possible time ?


I wish to use DA1468x during more than two month without shutting it down. I wish to use rtc_get() at anytime.

Timer1 is 32bit and values from rtc_get are in LP ticks (30.5µsec) . If I calculate well, it should overflow every 1.5 day. I can read from bsp_defaults.h that Timer1 prescaler is not supported in DA14682/3 chips.

Can you confirm to me that rtc_get overflow ?

What would be the best way to have rtc_get to work during more than 2 days ?

Thank you in advance


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Hi Bob,

Hi Bob,

Please take a look at the Real-Time Clock (RTC) Concept and you will find detailed description for the RTC. If you need to configure the device for 2 days, you should change the SW_RTC_FORCED_DATE_TIME_IN_MS  to 172800000, Please just follow the tutorial.

Thanks, PM_Dialog