simple_beacon_example does not work with SDK

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simple_beacon_example does not work with SDK

When I run the


python -sdkpath "c:\\sdk\\dialog\\\\"


I get: 

"FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'c:\\\\sdk\\\\dialog\\\\\\sdk\\common_project_files\\scatterfiles\\scatterfile_common.sct'"


This doesn't happen with 6.0.12.





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Hi andrewl,

Hi andrewl,

The Simple Beacon SW Example, as all the DA14531 SW Examples, does not include the SDK – if you check the download package, you will see that only the application layer is included. So, before using the example, first you will need to link it with the SDK.

Please check the following document  :

If you are using the SDK6.0.14, please follow the below procedure too, as the was for SDK6.0.12:

  1. Download the DA14585/DA14586 - DA14531 Multiperipheral Example
  2. Copy the DA14531- DA14585-586_Multiperipheral_Example\project_environment\ and past it into da14531-da14585-586_reading_i2c_accelerometer_ble\project_environment
  3. The execute the new python script :

> python -sdkpath “<path to your sdk repository>”

For instance:

> python -sdkpath “C:\dev\6.0.12”

We are working to update the python script on this example, so that can be ran with SDK6.0.14. Thanks for point this out!

Thanks, PM_Dialog