Sleepmode on Peripheral Example

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Sleepmode on Peripheral Example


I've been wondering if it's posible to activate the sleep mode on any of the peripheral examples (without bluetooth)

what I'm trying to acomplish is to read an ADC value(sensor) and if it's above certain value turn on an opto but I only have 10mA to do this

using the SmartSnippets Toolbox I can read what I'm cosuming and the module DA14531 alone without any active peripherals works with 10mA

so my idea was to put the module to sleep and somehow set up a timer to wakeup and measure the adc and once the condition is met activate the opto

the opto needs 3mA to activate so I have 7mA to work with the module

could this be possible?

once the opto is activated I will have more current to work with the problem is before...

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Hi magergar,

Hi magergar,

Thanks for your question. Please check the arch_sleep.c source file which holds all the sleep configuration APIs. As you can see, it contains BLE staff, so it’s not possible use them in a non-BLE project. You could follow the sleep functionality and try to power down the peripheral domains and power-off the RAM cell as in our APIs. However, this is something that is not supported in the SDK, so you have to implement / test in your side.

Thanks, PM_Dialog