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SmartSnippets Studio Download


How can I get access to SmartSnippets Studio download?

Thank you

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Hi cobizzal,

Hi cobizzal,

Please visit our Bluetooth Low Energy support portal and hit to the DA1458  & DA14583 from the “Product Overview” drop-down menu. After that, you scroll-down and go to the “Development Tools” submenu and you will find two available versions of the Smart Snippet studio. I would highly recommend you to download the latest version of the tool (version 2.0.6).  Be aware that you have to accept the Software License Agreement (SLA) first, so you should hit into the padlock that will appear from the download. After that you will have to agree with the License Agreement and the you should wait until your access will be granted.  If you download the latest version of the tool, the is a known issue with the slow startup. You will find a workaround on the following link from the forum announcements:

Thanks, PM_Dialog