Software_reset cannot start chip after SUOTA

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Software_reset cannot start chip after SUOTA

Hi DA team:

I use the ble_sps_peripheral routine to be able to normally SUOTA and start normally after SUOTA is completed.

However, after I changed a lot of things according to the ble_sps_peripheral routine, SUOTA will not be able to start normally after resetting. But unplug the power and then connect it to the power supply and start the updated program.

I want to ask after SUOTA and reboot devices, the program start up from what?is ble_suota_ loader or ble_sps_peripheral?

And another question is : why every time i restart devices the uart will use 57600_baudrate show "DA14682BB" with 4 times ? but i can not fined where they are in code?can you tell me where they are?

project    :  ble_sps_peripheral

platform : DA14682


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Hi There,

Hi There,

When the device reboots the ble_suota_ loader will run and it will decide which binary image will be loaded. If you unplug and plug the power, this is like a software reset, so the ble_suota_ loader will be executed. That’s why your application starts correctly. Probably you have done some misconfigurations when you modified the DSPS code. The 57600 is a predefined baud rate in ROM code when the system reboots. Also, it is expected that you get 4 times the “DA14682BB”

Thanks, PM_Dialog