UART issue on DA14585 Development Kit-Basic (CodeLess 6.380.12.6).

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UART issue on DA14585 Development Kit-Basic (CodeLess 6.380.12.6).


Hello Dialog,

I'm trying to use the DA14585 Development Kit-Basic (CodeLess 6.380.12.6).and UART issue like attached screenshots.


but in codeless_585_v6.380.8.4.0 it can work


what can i do now



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Hi acuratekalex,

Hi acuratekalex,

Thanks for posting your question on a new forum thread. Please take a look at the Get Started Guide– link is provided below:

In Figure 2, you will see which pins are used for the UART. To do so, you should change the configuration of the UART pins  in the user_periph_setup.h accordingly.

The codeless_585_v6.380.8.4.0 has the proper UART configuration in the user_periph_setup.h.

Thanks, PM_Dialog