WatchDog reset issue

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WatchDog reset issue

Diar Dialog,

When using hw_cpm_delay_usec(1000*1000) will trigger watchdog.

Can you give me some advice:

How to set the watchdog's trigger time a little longer?

In addition, although the watchdog was triggered, the DA14683:device did not restart successfully.





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Hi xuguodong,

Hi xuguodong,

Please section 30 Watchdog Timer from the datasheet. The timer value can be accessed through the WATCHDOG_REG[WDOG_VAL] register.

In the SDK, the dg_configWDOG_RESET_VALUE is the macro that holds the reset value for Watchdog. In case you want to change it, you should define that macro in your custom_config_X_.h (X: wspi or ram) file and set the new reset value.

Thanks, PM_Dialog