what to do to stop BLE activity?

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what to do to stop BLE activity?


hello Dialog,

i need to completely stop BLE activity before pressing a button.

currently i use the BLE stop advertising API to stop advertising(why stop the advertising the power consumption is more than start advertising?),do i need to stop anything else in BLE?

I want to enable and disable the BLE function by pressing a button.so what should I do ?





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Hi Ryon,

Hi Ryon,

I acknowledge you are using the DA1468x family, BLE Start/Stop functionality is automatically performed by the SDK. Whenever there is no activity for BLE the radio is turned off to save power. It is automatically turned on when there is an upcoming BLE event. So if the application disconnects from the host and stops advertising the BLE will be automatically deactivated and will stay deactivated until the application starts BLE activity again.

BR, Paolo