when adc voltage greater than 1.2V , return 1023

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when adc voltage greater than 1.2V , return 1023

i know the p01 pin adc input scale is 0~1.2V, but when i  try to input the voltage over 1.2V ,i want to get the adc value(adc_get_sample()) is 1023,but the result is not. it is a Irregular  num like 800 or others。


    uint32_t adc_sample;

    adc_init(GP_ADC_SE, GP_ADC_SIGN, 0);
    adc_sample = adc_get_sample();

    return adc_sample;

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Hi moiify,

Hi moiify,

Please take a look at Table 40: GPADC Input Channels and Voltage Scale from the DA14585 datasheet. My suggestion would be to enable the attenuator as well. When GP_ADC_CTRL2_REG[GP_ADC_ATTN3X] =  1, input voltages up to 3.6V allowed.

Thanks, PM_Dialog