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BLE sniffer


Do you know of any low cost BLE sniffer that will work with 14531 BLE devices systems. It is for sniffing on Air interface on what is going on. It is the more simplified use cases lige GATT and Serial Port profile. 

I looked at this and that could be an option:



But I don't know if dialog has done somthing similary on the SW side so the evaluation baords can be used as sniffer tools. 


Please let me know if anyone know a tool that can be used for this. 

Br Erik



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Hi epoulsen,

Hi epoulsen,

The popular choice would be to use a smart phone BLE tool - LightBlue, BLE Scanner to name 2 but there are others. At Dialog we are developing our own smart phone tool and it's expected to be released later this year.
These tools allow you to scan and connect to devices and interfact with the GATT database - read/write and subscribe to notificaions.
Air Sniffers are very powerful debug tools but don't typically allow this level of interaction.