DA14580 Basic Devkit Bluetooth not Detected

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DA14580 Basic Devkit Bluetooth not Detected

Hi there.

I have the basic DA14580 devkit, but I cannot get it to start advertising with any of the examples so that it can be detected in Android, whether the system Bluetooth scanner or apps like LightBlue. I have also tried scanning for it in Windows.

I can build the samples fine and load them to the board using smart snippets toolbox 'booter' utility. I know this works because I loaded the blinky app and saw that working correctly (blinking green LED), I can also debug/run the apps using Keil.

AFAIK the button on the devkit is a reset button, so I don't think I have to press that to begin advertising. I also looked at the code and it doesn't look like it's waiting for a button press from a GPIO pin or anything like that. It should just be advertising on boot.

I am wondering if I have somehow cleared some essential data off the board, data that isn't part of the built applications, but I am clutching at straws with this.

Any ideas why I cannot see my devkit in LightBlue when running apps like the proximity reporter?




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Hi jay8ee

Hi jay8ee

If you are starting a new design or project, we would strongly recommend moving into DA14531 or DA14585/586 products and SDK6.0.14, as it is much more improved. We have a lot of code examples and improved documentation, and there is also software roadmap support. There is not any software roadmap support for DA14580 product family and SDK5.


We also have a DA14531 module, namely DA14531 SmartBond TINY™ Module! It has very small dimensions and is very low power. Follow the link below to find datasheet, documentation and HW collaterals for the module:


To answer your question, since you are trying to run the proximity reporter example of the SDK, this example is using the SPI flash. So, please place the jumpers in SPI position.

Additionally, I would recommend using the Flash Programmer of the SmartSnippets Toolbox to burn the SPI Flash.

Please try to run the ble_app_barebone examples of the SDK, as it is not using the SPI flash.

Thanks, PM_Dialog