DA14683 KIT USB can not be found

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DA14683 KIT USB can not be found

Hi Dialog team,


I'd like to ask you some questions. I'd really appreciate it if you can answer me.

1. Did you know why the J-link GDB can not find the DA14683? (attached DA14683.pdf)

2. I always can not find the DA14683-00A9DECKT-U in the "here" link.

and the warning message always shows "No devices have been detected" when I click "Detect connected device(s)".  (attached DA14683.pdf)


Thank you

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Hi Johnlin325,

Hi Johnlin325,

  1. Please see Figure 31: Power selection switch SW6 (default position to 5V) from the user guide -  can you please check if the SW6 is in the correct position? What is the version of SmartSnippets Studio that you are using?
  2. Can you please explain this question?

Thanks, PM_Dialog