DA14683 USB Dev Kit QSPI Flash Debugging

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DA14683 USB Dev Kit QSPI Flash Debugging


I am currently following the Getting Started guide to learn the hardward and software of the DA14683. 

When debugging the program using RAM, all symbols are read correctly, I am able to insert breakpoints, and step through the code as normal.

However, when using the QSPI flash debugging I am shown "No source available for "0x13ce". The thread will repeatedly hit this breakpoint, and the code does not execute.

When I press the reset button, however, the code executes as expected. 

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Hi jacobrast,

Hi jacobrast,

Glad that you are start working on the DA14683 SoC. Regarding the debugging procedure, can you please read the Debugging Techniques Tutorial from our support website. Please follow this tutorial and let me know if you are able to start debugging your project.  

Thanks, PM_Dialog