Download required for SmartSnippets Studio v1.6.3

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Download required for SmartSnippets Studio v1.6.3

I am returning to an old project that was build using SmartSnippets Studio v1.6.3 and DA1468x SDK v1.0.12.1078.  How can I obtain the Linux installer package for SmartSnippets Studio v1.6.3?  I cannot find it on the Dialog Semiconductor website.

I have spent a few days trying to build the project with the current version of SmartSnippets Studio (v2.0.10) but have encountered several problems, so want to use the toolchain with which the project/workspace was originally built.

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Hi tbayley,

Hi tbayley,

Thanks for your question. We have taken your inquiry offline from the forum and we are working on this internally. We will send you an email in your registered address as soon as possible.

Regards, PM_Dialog