how to program SPI flash in DA14580 basic kit

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how to program SPI flash in DA14580 basic kit

I have da14580 Basic kit. I want to flash my application to SPI and execute program from spi flash. can you help me how i done this?
i have no idea about this how to flash in spi ? what are the settings done in Board? need a help to flash my application to this board please provide step by step procedure

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Hi alan.a,

Hi alan.a,

  1. Make sure that you have the correct header configuration in the Basic-DK. Please check Figure 30 of the BASIC DeV Kit UM-B-048 Getting Started with DA1458x user manual.
  2. Then, download the SmartSnippets tool box from the “Software&Tools” tab of our DA14580suport portal
  3. I would highly suggest you to read the UM-B-083 SmartSnippets Toolbox User Manual user manual.
  4. Read section 5 Board Setup and 11 SPI Flash Programmer sections

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Thanks, PM_Dialog