How to specify custom uartboot.bin to cli_programmer when running an external tool

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How to specify custom uartboot.bin to cli_programmer when running an external tool

I am working on a custom board with a 32MHZ external crystal.  In order to use the cli_programmer with this custom board and crystal, a modified uartboot.bin second stage bootloader is required.  When operating from the command line this can be accomplished with -b option.   I have built the custom bootloader and moved it to binaries/uartboot_XTAL_32MHZ.bin  

Is there a recommended method for program_qspi_jtag_win.bat and other similar external tool scripts (e.g. erase_qspi_jtag_win) to pass parameters to cli_programmer?


I would like to avoid modifying cli_programmer so I can easily switch back to non-custom boards such as the EDK.


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Hi There,

Hi There,

You could use the CLI commands in order to pass the correct version of the uartboot.bin Please check section 29.2. CLI for DA1468x and DA1469x family chips from the  SmartSnippets Toolbox user manual -  link is provided below. You could specify the path of the uartboot.bin

Thanks, PM_Dialog

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In order to pass the correct

In order to pass the correct version, you must use the CLI commands. Please review section 29.2. 

CLI for family chips DA1468x and DA1469x from 

the user manual of the Smart Snippets Toolbox-connection below. 

You should define it.

the route to the.