I2C EEPROM Options was gone

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I2C EEPROM Options was gone

The SmartSnippetsToolBox`s BoardSetup hasn`t have "I2C EEPROM Options" choice.

The user manual says that there is an I2C EEPROM Options Tabs to change I2C EEPROM page size.

But the latest version the TabPage was gone, how can I find it?

Or, how to modifiy flash_programmer.bin to change the EEPROM`s pagesize?

(The EEPROM was not the Company suggested)

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Hi Dionysus,

Hi Dionysus,

Our previous version of SmartSnippets Toolbox, version, had the “I2C EEPROM Options”. However, the latest version of the tool, version does not have this option. From the “help” menu of the latest version of the toolbox , please chick into the User Guide (html) in order to have the updated user manual. If you would like to change the EEPROM’s configuration, you should modify the flash_programmer which is located under 5.0.4\utilities\flash_programmer SDK path. If you open the flash_programmer project, you will find the EEPROM’s configurations into user_periph_setup.h header file (lines 39-44) and you should change these definitions according to the EEPROM’s specifications that you are using. After that, you should build the project. Be aware that there are two build options, you can build it either as programmer_jtag or  programmer_uart. This depends on how you like to connect you board with the tool. The best practice is to build the project with both of the choices.  According to the build option, you will find two output file in the \5.0.4\utilities\flash_programmer SDK path.

  • Folder Out_uart : flash_programmer.bin output
  • Folder Out_jtag : jtag_programmer.bin output

The final step is to navigate to the installation folder of SmartSnippets2.0.6 and copy-past the updated flash_programmer.bin and jtag_programmer.bin to the  SmartSnippetsStudio2.0.6\Toolbox\common_resources\SupportPackages\DA1458x\toolbox_resources\common path.

Thanks, PM_Dialog