Keil uvision, website down.

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Keil uvision, website down.

I am trying to download the Keil uvision tools so I can start debugging and work process in Smart Snippets Studio. However, the website is down so therefore I can not download the Keil tools needed to begin my process. Is there a way to fix this, solution?

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Hi revinous,

Hi revinous,

Thanks for posting online. Since you are using DA14580 and probably SDK5.0.4, the only way to start debugging/developing etc, is to download and use ARM Keil IDE. Keep in mind that SDK5.0.4 is obsolete and not recommended. Additionally, it doesn’t contain any Eclipse based project, so that you cannot open it with Smart Snippets Studio. You can only use SmartSnippets Toolbox (SST) which is provided together with SmartSnippets Studio (SSS). SST can be also download separately.

Please note that if you are starting a new design/research etc , we strongly recommend moving into DA14531 and our latest SDK6.0.12, as it is much more improved and contains an Eclipse based project as a template. We have a lot of code examples and improved documentation, and there is also software roadmap support.  For SDK5.0.4 there isn’t any roadmap support, as it is obsolete.

Please check out the DA14531 product page:

Thanks, PM_Dialog