Keil v5 + IoT 585 firmware size

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Keil v5 + IoT 585 firmware size


I'm currently evaluating the Dialog DA14585 IoT Multi Sensor DK. I've started by building the "iot_585" firmware project, but get an error during the linking step: "L6050U: The code size of this image (66080 bytes) exceeds the maximum allowed for this version of the linker".

Is it possible to build the firmware using Keil v5 (MDK-Lite) or does this require a paid version of Keil?

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Hi rct42,

Hi rct42,

The Keil v5 (MDK-Lite) free edition has a limitation up to 32kb code size and the DA14585 IoT Multi Sensor reference application code exceeds the 32KB. That’s why you get this error, so you should upgrade the tool.

Thanks, PM_Dialog