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LE Tx/Rx

Hi dialog
I was trying to use Rf Master's LE Tx/Rx function. But for some reason I can't get back the Rx part after the initial Tx message on the Log window. Can you help to solve this problem. I am only looking for a basic application. Can you help me understand what is SIG standardized HCI_LE_Receiver_Test in the LE Receiver section in the User Manual.
Thank you

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Hi varun@patel,

Hi varun@patel,

I dont quite get the question, can you please be more specific ? You are using the RF master and you can see that the Smart Snippets sends the UART command in order to start the test but the device doesn't respond ? There is no message on the log that the transaction between the Smart Snippets and the 585 has started ? Have you connected the the P04 and P05 pins to the FTDI of the dev kit or the custom device ? Have you downloaded the prod_test.bin firmware in order to be able to interact with the 585 device ?

Thanks MT_dialog