PLT Command Line API

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PLT Command Line API

I'm a little bit confused between the CLI commands described in UM-B-008, and UM-B-041. They both reference a CLI for the production line test but they show different usage and sets of commands. Could someone clarify if this is two different pieces of software or what the relationship is?

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Hi fitz,

Hi fitz,

The UM-B-008 refers to some basic CLI specific commands that will allow you to perform some RF testing, XTAL16 calibration and some basic functions regarding the OTP, those commands can be performed via downloading the prod_test tool into the 580 and send the instructions via UART. The UM-B-041 refers to the PLT tool which is a fully automated piece of equipment that supports up to 16 DUTS used for production. For PLT seperate software has been developed that includes either a GUI or a CLI but is only for the PLT hardware and cannot be used with a standalone 580.

Thanks MT_dialog