PLT UART Port Restriction (P1_0) vs RF function

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Jun-ichi Tobe
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PLT UART Port Restriction (P1_0) vs RF function

Hello Support Team.

I am currently considering using PLT.
We plan to use TX: P1_0 and RX: P1_5 which are prepared in advance as communication ports.

On the other hand, looking at the document of "DA 14680 / 681-01 Hardware Known Limitations",
aQFN60: "P1_0" and
WLCSP: "P1_0"; P1_5 is stated as restricted for RF usage.

Are there any problems when using RF related items such as XTAL adjustment and RF Test with PLT?
Please let me know if there are restrictions etc.

Best regards,


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Hi Jun-ichi Tobe,

Hi Jun-ichi Tobe,

It is strongly recommended to not use the P1_0 and P1_5 as communications ports because the trace of these pins is very close to the trace of the RF. If you use these pin, you will have interferences between the UART signal and the radio signal. So, you will probably have increased Bit Error Rate both in the RF test and in the UART received/transmitted data. I suggest you to use the default UART pins (TX : 1_3 and RX : 2_3) as communications ports or you can configure other pins except from the P1_0 and P1_5.

Thanks, PM_Dialog