PLT version 4.2.. SPI boot specific pins in OTP header

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PLT version 4.2.. SPI boot specific pins in OTP header

Hello Dialog,

We need to write the SPI boot specific mappings in the OTP header during production.
Is this possible with the Production Line Tool?

I have looked in "DA1458x_DA1468x_CFG_PLT.exe" menus, but did not find it.

However I was able to find this in "params.xml"


Will boot specific spi pins be written in production, if I change the above xml in params.xml manually?

Best Regards,
Ciano Frost

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Hi ciano,

Hi ciano,

In the latest tool there is an option from the GUI configuration in order to burn the Boot specific mapping this will configure the param.xml file (please check the UM-B-041_DA1458x_DA1468x_Production_Line_Tool_4v2.pdf) also check the 7.4.1 CLI Introduction paragraph "Parameters are automatically loaded from the params.xml file when the CLI PLT starts". You can run the configuration GUI in order to apply the proper setting for the param.xml and then you can run the CLI. Also yes you can manually change the params.xml and run the CLI. The DA1458x_DA1468x_CLI_PLT.exe loads the param.xml automatically when first run or you can take a different configuration file with the command -i.

Thanks MT_dialog