Programming the DA14585 Basic Board

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Programming the DA14585 Basic Board

I cannot find the documentation on how to program the "barebones" example to the SPI flash on the DA14585 board. Can someone point me to that documentation or tell me how to do it?

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Hi dirjud,

Hi dirjud,

For burning the SPI Flash, we use the SmartSnippets Toolbox. Please read the chapter 6 “SPI Flash Programmer” from SmartSnippets Toolbox (UM-B-083) user manual. This manual describes how to use Toolbox application, which is part of the SmartSnippets Studio software development environment. It is strongly recommended to read the whole document in order to be familiar with the SmartSnippets Toolbox. For downloading it, please visit our portal page https://support. and then enter to the “Connectivity: Bluetooth low energy & 802.15.4”. From the top menu bar click to the “Products” and then select the “DA14580”.  In the “Software & Tools” window, hit to the “Tools” tab. In this wind you could find all the available documentation about the tool and some zip files in order to install it into your computer.


Thanks, PM_Dialog