Replacing the TI CC2540EMK-USB for Dialog DA14531 Development Kit-USB

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Replacing the TI CC2540EMK-USB for Dialog DA14531 Development Kit-USB


I am currently using the TI CC2540EMK-USB as a host in a development. I have run into an issue where the MTU size is limited to 20 Bytes on the TI dongle. I am looking into switching to the DA14531 USB dongle and need help determining if this module will be a suitable replacement. Will I be able to communicate with the DA1451 USB dongle over the USB port and send commands to perform GATT/ATT and GAP operations such as device scans and characteristic writes? Do you have a GUI software that I can use to perform these operations?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi josephdiest,

Hi josephdiest,

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