SDK configuration xml file coulb not be found

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SDK configuration xml file coulb not be found


When I open the SmartSnippets Toolbox, there is a warning that "SDK configuration xml file coulb not be found".

I just neglect it and try to download the hex file, and then it failed. The log is shown below.

And...I just use the simple example in SDK such as blinky.

Why didn't it work? Is it something wrong with the xml file or just another problem? 


The log said, 

"Connection to COM3 port has successfully opened.

Started download procedure.

Timeout: Reset signal not detected for more than 16000 msecs.

Successfully disconnected from COM3

Failed downloading firmware file to the board. "

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Hi hasiky,

Hi hasiky,

This pop-up window has no effect when using the SmartSnippet studio, just press OK. Which version of the tool are you working on? Also, do you have a custom board, or you are using any of our development boards? As I can see from your attachments, you are trying to burn the SPI Flash thought UART, so a hardware reset is needed. If you didn’t reset your board, a timeout will be occurred. If you connect through JTAG, a hardware reset is NOT needed. You could find attached he steps I followed in order to connect to the SPI flash. I used the DA14580 Pro-DK and the SmartSnippets studio version 2.0.8.  The jumpers should be pace in both  “UART” and “SPI ” position. If you pressed the hardware reset button and the time-out was occurred, this means that you didn’t connect the UART in you board.

Thanks, PM_Dialog