Smart Snippets lost my new build configuration

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Smart Snippets lost my new build configuration

I am working on a DA14683 project, and have downloaded smart snippets as recommended.  I would like to create a new build configuration in the ble_suota_loader and my custom project to build for my custom board.  

I used Project..Build Configurations..Manage..New... to create the new configuration based on an existing configuration.  I then added an additional gcc preprocessor define to select the modifications required for my custom board.

Everything works reasonable fine, until I switch to my own custom project and then switch back into the ble_suota_loader project.  Every time I do this the .cproject file in the ble_suota_loader is modified and the new configuration is removed. 

Is there a workaround to this issue?  Is there a more reliable version of smart snippets that is recommended for development with DA14683?


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Hi asterisks,

Hi asterisks,

Thanks for your question. Could you please share a screenshot from the “Create New Configuration” windows, so that I can replicate this issue? Yes, for the DA1468x product family we recommend the usage of the SmartSnippets Studio V1.6.3 for Windows OS .

Thanks, PM_Dialog